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Nov 13

2 Weeks on 2 Weeks off – Pilot Lifestyle Choices

As Chinese carriers continue their expansion at an unprecedented rate they are getting creative with their effort to lure foreign pilots. They realize that the key to attracting qualified, experienced pilots to their shores is not only the USD350++ salary packages but more importantly its lifestyle.

Chinese Eastern, the Shanghai based and the nations second largest international carrier is leading the way in the terms of lifestyle with their 2 week on 2 week off contract.

Up until recently the airline was offering a 20 day on, 10 day off lifestyle option but in order to be competitive with larger salaries offered by the domestic airlines China Eastern has improved their offerings to include this new roster.


The life of a domestic pilot in Australia, Europe and the U.S. typically involves 5-6 days of early starts, late finishes, 5 sector days followed by 1-2 days of rest before the cycle repeats. All this for half the salary offered by Chinese Airlines. “The idea of working abroad for two weeks followed by two weeks free of duty at home with my family is extremely appealing” says one Australian pilot, he adds “and for twice the salary I’m earning back home it is simply to hard to say no to”.

With fatigue becoming a major issue airline pilots around the world these contracts go along way too to relieving the pressure faced on a daily basis by these pilots.

But when you combine big salaries with these lifestyle rosters it’s the Chinese domestic airlines that are attracting the most attention. The potential to earn USD350++ tax free is unheard of amongst western airlines.

Lucky airlines is one such airline using this package to attract pilots. The Kunming based carrier is part of the Hainan Group, one of the largest aviation companies in the world.


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