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We take a different approach – We work for you

2000 Pilots

The Flightdeck Group has assisted over 2,000 pilots from around the world find and secure the job are looking for.  We do this by sharing over 20 years of pilot recruitment expertise with you.

Full Support

We guide you step by step through the airline pilot recruitment process, and we provide you with structured interview coaching, simulator preparation and ATPL study materials to ensure you are completely prepared for every stage of the selection process.

We Have Walked In Your Shoes

Flightdeck’s senior leadership team is comprised of Claire Delaney, Head of Recruitment, and Sasha Robinson, Principal Interview Consultant.

Sasha is a former international airline pilot, a regular university aviation lecturer and a fully qualified simulator instructor, which means she coaches you from a pilots perspective. 

Industry Expertise

Claire headed up various international airline departments, including the flight crew recruitment department for Cathay Pacific Airways.   You can trust Claire to guide you smoothly through the process, from your initial application to your first line flight.

Got the yes! I am so happy and thanks for all your amazing and constructive input and guiding me through the process! Thanks so much