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China Southern A330 Captains

On behalf of our client, China Southern Airlines, we are pleased to accept applications for Direct Entry A330 Captains, with a variety of rostering options.

China Southern Airlines is headquartered in Guangzhou in Guangdong Province in the south of China. It is the world’s fourth largest airline, operating to over 193 destinations from its main hubs, Beijing and Guangzhou.

China Southern has a fleet of more than 500 aircraft, including B777, B787, A320, A330, A380 and B737s with A350s on order.

China Southern is the most progressive foreign pilot employer offering a variety of rostering options to accommodate commuting or residential employment.  Including, Reverse Scheduling Port rosters, providing flight crew the with a roster out of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Vancouver, Toronto, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, London or Amsterdam.

China Southern’s rostering options include a commuting options of 4 weeks on, 4 weeks off, or a Guangzhou based roster offering no less than 10 days off per month (including travel days).  Commuting flights are provided.

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A current and valid A320/A330/A340/ type rating
Minimum 500 PIC hours on A330/A340, or  Minimum 1,000 hours PIC on A320
Must have flown as Commander on the above type within 6 months
Minimum 2,000 hrs PIC on multi-crew, multi-engine commercial jet with MTOW > 50 tons
Minimum 5,000 hours in total (turboprop and turbojet only)
Valid ATPL from country with diplomatic relations with PRC.
Valid First Class Medical
Valid passport from country with diplomatic relations with PRC.
No history of incidents or accidents
No criminal record
ICAO English Level 4 or above


  • If holding A330/A340 rating, max age of 57
  • If holding A380 rating, max age of 56
  • If holding A320 rating, max age of 53

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Employment Terms
Roster Options                       Gaungzhou Base, or month on/month off
Reverse Scheduling Ports    Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Dubai or Amsterdam
Contract Length                     4 years renewable
Payment Currency                USD, net of Chinese tax
Monthly Hours                      80 block hours

Salary & Benefits

Monthly Salary Year 1: $19,000 if type rated, otherwise $18,000
Year 2: $19,000 per month
Year 3: $20,000 per month
Year 4 and after: $21,000 per month
Month On Month Off Option $26,000 to $29,000 per month worked
Overtime $250 per hour
Safety Bonus $6,000 per year
Commuting Travel Return commuting flights on China Southern, once a month
Staff Travel Six return standby economy class tickets on the China Southern network for the pilot and family
Accommodation Allowance $830 per month (for Guangzhou based crew only)
Loss of Licence Insurance Available through Flightdeck Crewing

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China Southern employment process
Please note this process will take approximately 12 months

Stage 1 – Application
The following documentation is required to lodge an application with China Southern:
A complete China Southern Application Form
A colour copy the information pages of your Passport
A Passport Photo on a blue background
A colour copy of all pages of your Class 1 Medical Certificate
A copy of your valid ATPL License
A copy of your certificate of Academic Achievement
Copies of the last 3 pages of your logbook

Stage 2 – Airline Application Screening
China Southern will screen applications within 7 days.  China Southern will contact Flightdeck to advise the outcome of the screening process and to request your availability to attend the next stage of process in Guangzhou.

Stage 3  – Selection & Assessment
The first phase of selection is held in Guangzhou & Zuhai over one week from  Thursday to Wednesday.  China Southern provide flights and hotel accommodation.  This stage consists of:
Company Simulator Assessment
CAAC Medical Screening

Stage 4  – License verification & document processing
The following documents are reviewed and verified by the CAAC:
Licence verification
Police background check and no criminal record check
No accident or incident verification

Stage 5 –   CAAC licensing Simulator Check
The final stage of the employment process is a CAAC Simulator Check in China.  China Southern will provide flights and hotel for the final stage of the process.

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