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Jiangxi Airlines B737NG

On behalf of our client, Jiangxi Air, we are pleased to accept applications for Direct Entry B737NG/EFIS Captains, with a variety of rostering options.

Jiangxi Air is an emerging airline in the Chinese air transport market. It began official passenger operations on January 29, 2016.

Jiangxi Air is a subsidiary of Xiamen Air.  It is jointly owned by Xiamen Air (60%) and Jiangxi Aviation (40%).  Jiangxi Air operates from its main base at Nanchang Changbei International Airport in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province.

Jiangxi Air currently has five Boeing 737-800 aircraft in the company fleet,  with two B737’s joining the fleet in 2017.  The fleet size is expected to reach 20 aircraft by the end of 2020.

In the next 3 years, Jiangxi Air will launch international routes to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian and Northeast Asian destinations.

Jiangxi Air offer residential employment and six commuting options, from 19 days on/11 days off to 42 days on/18 days off.

Jiangxi B737

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  1. Valid B737NG/EFIS type rating
  2. Minimum 5,000+ hrs total time
  3. Minimum 2,000+ hrs Multi-Crew Multi-Engine Jet time (Turbo Prop hours not accepted)
  4. Minimum 500 hrs PIC on type
  5. Maximum age of 55 at commencement of contract
  6. Recency on type within last 24 months preferred
  7. Valid ATPL from country with diplomatic relations with China
  8. Valid First Class Medical (valid for 3 months after joining Jiangxi Airlines)
  9. Valid passport from country with diplomatic relations with China
  10. No history of incidents or accidents
  11. No criminal record
  12. ICAO English Level 4 or above

Jiangxi B737

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Employment Terms

Base Nanchang

Roster Options 42 days on/18 days off; 21 days on/9 days off; 20 days on/10 days off; 40 days on/20 days off, 19 days on/11 days off, 38 days on/22 days off

Contract Term 3 years initial, then 3 year renewable contracts

Payment Currency USD, net of Chinese tax

Salary and Benefits

Jiangxi B737

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Stage 1 – Application

The following documentation is required to lodge an application with Jiangxi Airlines:

      1. A complete Jiangxi Airlines Application Form
      2. A colour copy the information pages of your Passport
      3. A colour copy of all pages of your Class 1 Medical Certificate
      4. A copy of your valid ATPL License
      5. Copies of the last 3-4 pages of your logbook, verified by your employer
      6. A copy of your latest proficiency check records, for the last two years
      7. A colour Passport photo

Stage 2 – Airline Application Screening

Jiangxi Airlines will contact Flightdeck to advise the outcome of the screening process and to request your availability to attend the next stage of process.

Stage 3  – Selection & Assessment

The selection process is held in Xiamen and Shanghai over approximately one week, consisting of:

      1. Company Simulator Assessment  (Xiamen)
      2. CAAC ATPL Theory Exam  (Xiamen)
      3. CAAC Medical Screening  (Shanghai)

Stage 4  – License verification & document processing

The following documents are reviewed and verified by the CAAC:

      1. Licence verification
      2. Police background check and no criminal record check
      3. No accident or incident verification

Stage 5 –   CAAC licensing Simulator Check

The final stage of the employment process is a CAAC Simulator Check, conducted in Xiamen, this takes approximately one week.

Jiangxi B737

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